Why choose us ?

As a client of MSP legal you can always feel confident we will:

  • be available when you need us and rapidly respond to your requests
  • perform reliably and dependably
  • give you authoritative and dependable legal advice
  • keep you updated with developments on the NT legal landscape which may have implications for your business and risk exposures
  • avoid any conflict of interest, or even the appearance of possible conflict
  • fully cooperate with your other selected expert to achieve excellent results for you
  • deliver excellent value for your investment in our professional fees
  • encourage meaningful and frank feedback on our performance
  • be loyal and discreet in our dealings with you and take a positive role in upholding your reputation

Socially responsible – our values and business practices

MSP Legal is socially responsible.  This is evident in our:

  • demonstrated continuing support for charitable causes, and community organisations
  • strong focus on development of employees
  • commitment to being at the forefront as “Employer of choice”
  • taking long term view of investment in our practice, a Darwin presence and contribution to the Northern Territory community
  • strong emphasis on risk management
  • clear business continuity strategy
  • reputation for utterly ethical business behaviour and fair dealings with all stakeholders, clients, suppliers, employees, financiers
  • support for our clients.

Involvement in Northern Territory business and community

We generously support the Top End community, business sectors and organisations which have made it possible for us to build a healthy legal practice and satisfying careers.

MSP Legal team members give substantial support ranging from access to justice cases through to participating in legal profession organisations and associations, especially in the Darwin area.

Giving back to the Northern Territory takes these forms:

  • presentations to business and community groups
  • pro bono legal support for disadvantaged people
  • contributing articles and opinion pieces
  • work experience programmes
  • opinion pieces, analysis, commentary and advocacy through media
  • strategic advice to boards and steering committees of community group
  • mentoring and support for young lawyers.

Environmental commitment and reducing our carbon footprint

The firm adopts and encourages practices which are beneficial to the environment and minimise our carbon footprint.  These include:

  • secure recycling of all waste paper, glass and plastics
  • philosophy of ‘paperless’ office wherever feasible
  • double sided and ‘two per page’ printing, wherever practical
  • electronic filing of documents in jurisdictions which accept electronic lodgement
  • extremely conservative use of paper
  • use of email for routine correspondence rather than letters and snail mail
  • avoiding unnecessary travel, instead preferring telephone conferences for meetings where possible
  • use of energy efficient appliances, technologies, fluorescent lamps instead of standard fittings
  • purchasing equipment with high energy efficient ratings
  • turning off all lights, computers and photocopiers outside of office hours
  • air conditioning system is regularly serviced to maintain optimal efficiency; the system is switched off when possible
  • use of biodegradable cleaning products.